Industrialization of Intelligence cover

“Noah Kennedy has succeeded where many popular technological pundits have failed. In The Industrialization of Intelligence, he shows the now familiar history of the digital computer through an entirely new lens. Features that were invisible leap into prominence, and unsuspected patterns emerge. Quite astutely, Kennedy has seen what no computer historian has seen.”  Howard Rheingold, San Francisco Chronicle

“I would never have any occasion to consult Mr. Kennedy’s company, but if I did, I would do so with some confidence. For the book he has produced in his spare time is civilized, erudite and well-written. His history is arresting.”  Anthony Burgess, front page of The Sunday Times

“Kennedy is one of those rare writers equally at home with computers and Confucius, abstract logic and commercial reality. This book is elegant and literary, but also offers a practical and hard-headed account of how intelligence has come to be a marketable commodity. Discerning readers will enjoy Kennedy’s precision and turn of phrase.”  Ian Alexander, Computing Magazine

“This is an enthralling book by an exceptional man who may be judged a seer, a prophet or simply as one of those rare people whose fascination with the past and the present, coupled with an exemplary knowledge of computers, produce a book that leaves one breathless.”  Roger Falk, Ham and High


  4.8 out of 5 stars by Amazon readers

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